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  • latest newsKids in America now pack on pounds compared to 1950's : In the 1950s, kids had three cups of milk for every cup of soda. Today that ratio is reversed, meaning they get all the calories and none of the nutrients ..... read more
  • latest newsGrowth in Rural America fueled by Hispanic Births : Births, not immigration, now account for most of the growth in the nation’s Hispanic population, a distinct reversal of trends of the past 30 years..... read more
  • latest newsChild Jockies race along the Stepps of Central Asia : Genghis Khan and his army once rode their horses across the steppes of Central Asia. Once again, horses race, literally, across those same steppes..... read more
  • latest newsAfrican Crucible cast as Witches, and cast out : Domingos Pedro was only 12 years old when his father died. The passing was sudden; the cause was a mystery to doctors. ..... read more
  • latest newsManufacturers Expand Market from Teens to Tots : Growing concern about childrens overuse of cell phones and their saftey is propmting Jappanese officials to concider an initiative to govern cell phones..... read more
  • latest news12% of Schools are 'Dropout Factories': More than one in 10 high schools across America can now be called “Dropout Factories”—high schools which graduate no more than 60 percent of the students..... read more
  • latest news"Wombs for Rent": Birth is latest job to be outsourced in India: ..Modern Americans and Europeans often want children even when they don’t want to go through the pain and/or hassle of pregnancy...read more
  • latest newsHelicopter Parents ...the named earned by parents whose involvement in their child’s lives has extended past the adolescent years...read more
  • latest newsKeeping babies alive: Battling an entrenched infant mortality problem in Memphis..there are places today in the United States where babies die at rates higher than in Third World countries...read more
  • Guatemala adoption rules tying up U.S. couples...no one knows how many of the children were legally given up by their mothers...read more
  • Maine middle school to offer birth control...King Middle School in Portland Maine will begin to offer birth control pills to middle schoolers...read more
  • Mom of boy who planned school shooting arrested: The mother of a boy, who planned a school shooting, was arrested and subsequently charged with unlawful transfer of a firearm.... read more
  • Boy, 15, is electrocuted scaling a transformer: Nye and his four friends called themselves the Fruit HeightsCrew.... read more
  • 60-Year-Old Woman Proud New Mom of Twins: Frieda Birnbaum age 60 and the oldest woman in the United States to give birth.... read more
  • Leave those kids alone: The idea that adults should be playing with their kids is a modern invention -- and not necessarily a good one.... read more
  • Birth Rate Harms Poverty Goals: “no country has ever raised itself out of poverty without stabilizing population growth.” Over the last century, the global population rose from about 2 billion to 6 billion. The majority of the world’s growth has come from developing nations.... read more
  • Cameroon girls battle ‘breast ironing' Breast ironing happens to young girls during puberty to slow down their breast development. Mothers take their daughters...read more
  • No need to share legal custody ...long awaited results for the paternity test of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn, were revealed. Smith’s former boyfriend...read more
  • 139,000 H.I.V. babies in 6 months...139,000 babies born in Mozambique were infected with H.I.V...read more
  • Amazon Children Spontaneously Understand Geometry... they have a seemingly natural ability to understand the meanings of the shapes...read more
  • Rural Ethiopia Ignores Law against Child Brides...some girls are married as young as three....read more
  • Iraq Bombers Blow up 2 Children Used as Decoys... The children were used as decoys to get insurgents past the American military checkpoints. The car was stopped...read more
  • Report Ranks Well Being of British, U.S. Children As Last in the Industrialized World...six categories include the material well-being of children, health and safety, education, family and peer relationships...read more
  • India is Missing 10 Million Daughters...female fetuses have been aborted following the results of ultrasounds...read more

These news reviews were written and compiled by JeriAnn Lukens & Annette Grove, students at USU.
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