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A list of books and articles have been prepared for you by students at USU, for your research conveinence and reading enjoyment. For a short review of each book or article, click on the corresponding link.

  Books Articles
  • Jolivet, Muriel (1997) Japan : The Childless Society? The Crisis of Motherhood. London : Routledge. Available in hard or softcover (240 pages, $48.95)
  • Rurevo, Rumbidazi and Michael Bourdillion (2003) Girls on the Street. Harare, Zimbabwe: Weaver Press. Available in hardcover (60 pages, $19.95)
  • Toren, Christina (1990) Making Sense of Hierarchy. Cognition as Social Process in Fiji. Houndsmills, UK: Palgrave-Macmillan. Available in hard (292 pages, $99.95)
  *A special thanks to JeriAnn Lukens and Jeff Dransfield, students at USU, for writing and compiling these reviews.  
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